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Experience the art of mediation with Anne’s compassionate, creative, and expert approach to resolving complex conflicts.

Skilled Mediator

Anne is skilled in complex litigation, emotionally charged disputes, and cases requiring extra care.

Mediation in Greenville, South Carolina

highly effective with complex litigation

With her expertise in complex litigation, Anne turns intricate legal disputes into clear, manageable solutions.


We offer a collaborative process where we, as a neutral and experienced mediator, guide disputing parties through constructive communication and negotiation to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

Conflict Consulting

Our approach involves providing expert guidance and strategies to organizations and individuals, helping them navigate and resolve conflicts effectively and constructively.


Our approach involves acting as an impartial adjudicator, making binding decisions to resolve disputes based on the evidence and arguments presented by the parties involved.

Mediator, Arbitrator, Special Referee, Case Valuator

Meet Anne Culbreath

Anne embarked on her journey as a mediator in 2014, quickly becoming a trusted name in the field. With the recent opening of Culbreath Conflict Solutions, she continues her mission to bring clarity and resolution to even the most challenging disputes. From professional negligence and long-term care cases to governmental liability, trucking accidents, personal injury claims, and probate contests, Anne has seen and done it all.

Her ability to navigate complex litigation, manage emotionally charged disputes, and provide extra attention and care when needed sets her apart. Anne’s deep understanding of risk analysis, negotiation theories, difficult personalities, and problem-solving strategies ensures that every dispute is approached with the right blend of expertise and empathy.

No matter the nature of the conflict, Anne approaches every case with candid compassion, energy, and creativity, striving to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

“I believe in the power of candid, compassionate, and creative problem solving to transform conflicts into opportunities for understanding and resolution.”

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Over 25 years in litigation and 10+ years in mediation

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Mediated 1,000+ disputes across the civil suit spectrum

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